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The Good the Bad and the Ugly…

July 29th, 2010 | Posted in Blog, Miscellaneous | 4 Comments

I gotta say that for a few years now I have felt the same as many of my friends about declining standards in England. Its a very ‘Grumpy old Man’ point of view so often I doubt my own reasoning but still cant help but think this country is getting worse and worse and its all our fault.

But anyway to start with the Good. I bought a new Apple Mac, mainly for work but also i didn’t want to buy a pc just for gaming and the Mac will also run windows and play low demand games. (I bought it just to play Final Fantasy XIV) So i spec’d up a nice shiny new mac and got it shipped out. The day it was due to arrive Apple updated their Mac Pros! Gutted!

I know you can never keep up with technology and usually things are quickly out of date. but to be outdated before it even arrived. So i was already to come up with a good reason to Apple to return the mac and then order the new updated Macs in August.

So I phoned them up and said i wanted to return the mac. The lady on the phone was really nice and giggled as she knew exactly what i wanted and why. No questions asked, she simple set up the pick up and will refund my money. Quite surprising but quite brilliant really. Often its a hassle to return goods especially for this reason. There was nothing wrong with the mac, not faulty no damage and yet i could still return it with no fuss. Thank you Apple see you next month 🙂

The Bad:’Home delivery Network Limited’ Normally i am pretty blaise about delivery companies they all tend to be the same but yesterday was just stunning.

So for my Mac i ordered a graphics tablet/pen. a reasonably expensive and sensitive piece of equipment. I ordered from Amazon (my first point of call for online shopping) they had it in stock and the usual cheap-ish price (dabs was cheaper though i don’t like them much) So out it was shipped. It was delivered yesterday. I was at work the wife was out so the delivery Person (bastard we should call him/her) kindly wrote a card saying it was too big to fit through the letter box and so leave it in a safe place in my back garden. Now an alley runs along the side of my house giving access to the garden which however has a 6.5ft fence and is locked so the bastard being a sensible person threw my delivery over the fence!!!!

To be quite honest i cant quite believe it. normally they leave stuff on our front door step in all weathers which is bad enough as our front door can be seen from the street. Anyone could take our post and we wouldn’t know. in fact several delivery’s have gone missing in the past probably because of this.

When this first happened I complain to Parcel force and of course they did nothing, i checked the law and apparently by law they can only either post it through the letter box or give to a person who is inside the house. They cannot give it to a neighbour unless authorised they cannot even give it to you if you are standing say in your front garden unless you can proove you live their (easy enough i know) but time and time again they are too lazy to fill out a card and take it to teh depot. The local depot is in fact about a 3 minute walk down the road.

But anyway i urge you all to do your best and pass the word that Home Delivery direct are a bunch of lazy ass bastards and shouldn’t be used.

I complained to them (no response yet) and complained to Amazon who actually replied very quickly and to their credit wrote a very nice letter. They sent me out a replacement product using a different delivery message and also gave me a £2 voucher for Amazon. Though to be quite frank and i told Amazon I don’t really want to use them anymore. and i wont if i can find items else where and if Amazon don’t offer a significant price reduction on the goods i want.

I think its up to Amazon to provide a good service which they do but also make sure they choose reliable companies to delivery their products, which they don’t. They mentioned this in their reply and was genuinely concerned and said they would take my strong feedback when negotiating with their delivery firms but they said they have multiple companies that is randomly chosen for each product depending on teh type of product or the location of the recipient.

The Ugly: Well to be honest the bastard is Bad and Ugly. I don’t see why this person should keep their job. Probably on a low income fed up with his job but then he should change job quite frankly. We don’t all do what we want to do but we either do it and live with it or change jobs. I doubt HDNL will even reply to me as from what i found online alot of people are unhappy with them.

When I compare this to Japan where they still cling onto the idea that everybody should be allowed to work and that whatever the job they take pride in that and do it well to the best of their ability as other wise they are embarrassed. We need that in this country but we look down on certain jobs. A street cleaner does a job we don’t want but they tidy our streets so we are not walking around in filth but we look at them as poor unskilled people despite them doing a job that makes our life better. Its a shame we don’t pay these people more for doing a tough job that unpopular. But these days everybody just wants to be Britain’s next superstar singer, and then not even work hard for it but just get on some stupid TV show.

But we need to start complaining more about such things. its a shame nobody reads this site but i felt the need to rant. Expect more rants in future though 🙂