Sony Home mobile application

August 6th, 2010 | Posted in Concepts & Prototypes, Portfolio | Comments Off on Sony Home mobile application

I was asked to put together some ideas and a concept for a mobile version of Sony’s Home application on the PS3. At the time home wasn’t released and was given very little information regarding the application so the brief was simply to come up with interesting ideas.

I didn’t want emulate the ps3 version (impossible anyway on a mobile) but to enhance and add to it by having features that users would find useful while they were away from their PS3.


Once users log-on on they would have the same friend list as the PS3 version and would be able to contact them through various methods based on user preferences. They would be able to plan manage a diary of events. for example arrange a time to meet up to play an online game through Home.

Users could upload videos and possibly music as well which friends could comment on.

Updates would be provided from Sony when new additions to Home were added such as new trailers or games and even send competitions and Sony related content direct to their phone. This could possibly be expanded to include updates to the PS3 store.