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Business Card for Carlos Serrano

July 8th, 2011 | Posted in Portfolio, Print | Comments Off on Business Card for Carlos Serrano

Carlos asked me to design him a personal business card to promote himself as a board games designer.

He wanted something that didnt look like the standard white business card and also reflect what he does. We discussed ideas about how the card could be used as a game even to share& play with other people that also had a business card of his. But Carlos was working to a tight budget, so we opted for a simpler approach.

I wanted the card to reflect some of the feel of his first board game. So I kept a similar colour palette though added a darker warmer brown along with the orange and used a piece of artwork (they Monkey idol) from one of the cards in his game.

On the back there is a small maze consisting of 8 categories some of which relate to what Carlos does and others that do not. The ones that dont wont reach the center (which represents Carlos again using the monkey) so a recipient can play and find out what Carlos does by playing.