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Rant time again…

November 9th, 2011 | Posted in Blog, Miscellaneous | Comments Off on Rant time again…

So I have been given a work phone by my employer, meaning I can make work related calls within certain allowances.

Yesterday I received a text messages saying my bill was overdue, and I am thinking strange I havent made any unusual or calls that would not be within my allowance. I go online to check my bills (I am on Three btw)

Turns out for the last 3 bills I have been charged an “Additional fee” Not only was this the first time i was informed I had anything to pay It also doesn’t explain what this fee is for. My actual bill was £0:00 for those 3 months. So I email them and amazingly get a call back within the hour….

Turns out that because I dont pay my bill via direct debit there is an additional charge. Now I assume this kind of charge is for handling the payment. I am happy to pay a fee when I am using a card when buying for certain things but in this case I dont actually have anything to pay so I am not using a card in this process, The bills are automated up to this stage so what is this charge for?!

Well simply its charging me for not having a direct debit set up to pay a £0:00 balance!!!! which seems totally unfair.Now of course you could say “Well set up a DD and you dont have to pay” but why should I? What i pay is zero so why is there any handling fee needed at all.

If I did actually incur a charge for example if I used my phone abroad and then I paid this off using a card then that is the point I would expect a small fee to added. (the fee they are charging me is around £4 strangely its not the same for the last 3 month)

Fair or unfair?